Queensland Islands Weather and Climate

Tropical North Queensland

The climate in Tropical North Queensland has an average year round temperature of approximately 29°C (85°F). The variation in temperature between summer and winter is much less than you experience in Europe, North America, and northern Asia.

Tropical North Queensland Daytime Temperature:



The Whitsundays has a tropical climate but with less average rainfall than measured on the mainland in nearby Proserpine. The summer months are warm and sultry. July is the coolest month, January the warmest.

Whitsundays Daytime Temperature:


Southern Queensland

Southern Queensland has bright, sunny days and some balmy nights as it is a subtropical area. It's quite warm in summer and mild in winter and there is really no 'bad' time to visit. Seasons in Australia are the reverse of North America and Europe. Summer is December to February, autumn (fall) March to May, winter June to August, and spring September to November.

Average Temperatures:
Summer - 35C maximum (102F), 21C minimum (70F);
Winter - 22C maximum (72F), 10C minimum (50F).

Water Temperature:
Summer 25C (77F), Winter 19C (66F)